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Cemetery Vases & Urns

ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vase CollageForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases & Urns, offer beautiful American-made granite or metallic like Cemetery Flower vases that offer all of the aesthetic value of brass, marble or precious metals, but at a fraction of the price. The gorgeous stone like granites and exceptioonal metallic effects will complement any headstone or memorial. While offering replacement Cemetery Flower Vases that can be adapted to fit most common canister manufacturers existing product, The ForeverSafe™ ` Cemetery Vase adds an incredible touch to any memorial.

ForeverSafe™ Urn & Vase Colors

White Granite Urn & Vase Canister Set
White Granite Urn & Vase Set
Terra Cotta Granite Urn & Vase Set
Terra Cotta Granite Urn & Vase Set
Mahogany Urn & Vase Set
Mahogany Urn & Vase Set
Black Granite Urn & Vase Set
Black Granite Urn & Vase Set
Grey Granite Urn & Vase Set
Grey Granite Urn & Vase Set
Brown Granite Urn & Vase Canister Set
Brown Granite Urn & Vase Set
Antiqued Urn & Vase Canister Set
Antiqued Urn & Vase Set
Bronze Urn & Vase Set
Bronze Urn & Vase Set

ForeverSafe Replacement Cemetery Flower Vases

ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases offer the ability to replace most any major manufacturers bronze or other precious metal cemetery flower vases. The cemetery vases from ForeverSafe also turn down into the canisters when not in use, like most manufacturers cemetery vases.

Replacement Cemetery Vase, Theft Deterrent Cemetery Vase

With ForeverSafe™'s Theft Deterrent polyethylene construction, you can rest assured that petty scrap metal thieves will be targeting predcious metal cemetery vases rather than one used at a loved one's memorial from ForeverSafe™. Bring flowers forever, with ForeverSafe!

Vase & Canister Set
Cemetery Vase Turned Down into Canister
Vase & Canister Set
Cemetery Vases fitting Memorial Marker Rings

ForeverSafe™ Occasional Vase

The ForeverSafe Occasional Collection is a line of spiked vases that are attractive, reusable and , beautifully designed for a variety of purposes, including the ability to have a cemetery flower vase at a loved ones memorial or headstone without the requirements of a costly, cemetery flower vase canister.

Spike Vase, Stake Vase, Cemetery Flower Vase
Spike Vase, Stake Vase, Cemetery Flower Vase

Assembly of the Occasional Vase. The Cemetery vase that does not require a cannister.

ForeverSafe™ is the name you trust for high quality replacement cemetery flower vases when families are hesitant to replace with bronze or other precious metals, which are being targeted by scrap metal thieves all around the country. But what about the immediate need of having a vase stolen or families that would like to place flowers at a grave with no vase? The ForeverSafe Occasional Vase immediately solves these issues.

ForeverSafe Grey Granite Occasional Vase, Spike Vase, Stake Vase
ForeverSafe Occasional Vase is easily assembled for use nearly anywhere!
ForeverSafe Antique Occasional Vase, Spike Vase, Stake Vase

ForeverSafe™ Occasional Vase Features

  • Vase able to stand alone in service
  • Can be used with the stake graveside
  • Immediate solution to a vase need
  • Allows for a neat uniform look in cemetery
  • Stake easily assembled
  • Impervious to the elements
  • Reusable
  • Available in many colors

Complete Vase & Canister Sets

Rest peacefully knowing that your loved one's memorial has a cemetery flower vase. With high quality ForeverSafe products, not only does the high quality finish look tremendous with the memorial, but the heavy duty polymer construction is a theft deterrent, as they are looking for the metal replacements.

Burial Urn, Matching Cemetery Vase & Canister Set
Matching Grey Granite Burial Urn and Cemetery Flower Vase w/ Canister